Customer Comments
  • Dina Kasrawi – Pinebridge Investments / Global Communications Managing Director
    “The first time I met Mert Bey was in a meeting held with a PR agency working for us and it took no time for me to realize that he was an interpreter who is proficient with business terminology. Later recommended him to my team in Turkey and I can say that working with an innovative, visionary and proficient interpreter who knows the domestic market worked as an advantage for us. I wish him the best in his endeavors.”
  • Köksal Holoğlu – Romatem / Chairman of the Board
    We got the chance to meet Mert Bey in the board meetings we held with our foreign partners after reading the positive references presented to us about him. I have to say that he is a real professional proficient in both languages and his approach to his work and his knowledge of both the domestic and the global market satisfies all of our language needs.
  • Prof Dr. Tahsin Engin – Sakarya Teknokent / General Manager
    We met Mert Bey during a presentation of our Sakarya Teknokent to a committee from South Africa. It was fascinating to us that he had a brilliant mastery of the nomenclature about various different subjects including engineering and tax procedures. I would be glad to work with him again.
  • Mekhti Mekthiev – Bahçeşehir Prestige AVM / Investor Relations Manager
    We met Mert Bey as he was the interpreter of the counter party in lease negotiations for our mall and our relationship with him developed quite well in time. Today, in almost every meeting we hold that needs interpretation, we work with him. We feel pleased to be working with Mert Bey who has a good grasp and expertise of linguistics as well as wide knowledge about the Turkish market.
  • Günay Güneş – Sakarya Ticaret Odası / Vice President
    I worked with a lot of different interpreters while receiving several committees from different nations. All I can say is, it was a unique experience working with Mert Bey who represented both our city and our board of trade at best thanks to his professional manner, his grasp on both languages, his friendliness and geniality.
  • Duran Yalım – TAISEI Corporation / Assistant Marketing Manager
    We had a chance to meet Mert Bey during a launch that the senior managers of Turkey’s leading construction companies attended. I can assure you that he is a professional who knows what he is doing in terms of interpretation during conferences and organizations. He has a great grasp of construction terminology, he was unhesitant in taking initiatives and he turns in his translations properly. We are looking forward to working with him in our upcoming projects.
  • Saim Körlü – Pinebridge Investments / Turkey Representative
    We worked with Mert Bey at the recommendation of Pinebridge Global Board Member Dina Hanım. He is a professional who always shows up at his meetings on time, who has a wide knowledge of the business terminology in both languages and who loves his job. I would like to state that he successfully satisfied our translation needs in different languages and different fields and that I am very glad to be able to meet and work with him.
  • İbrahim Kaya – Kaya Validasyon Sistemleri / General Manager, Ellab Turkey Distributor
    I can guarantee that Mert Bey, whom we worked with during interviews we held with our representatives abroad, is a true professional. It is beyond doubt that he will satisfy your need more than expected due to his knowledge of various markets, his experience, his general knowledge and his proficiency in both Turkish and English.
  • Ahmet Cemal Karataş – TV8 / Program Coordinator
    We had a chance to work with Mert Bey in a TV Show. His confidence, his relaxed attitudes during live broadcasts and his knowledge of foreign languages make you feel like you are working with an expert interpreter.
  • Metin Işık – Vodafone / Senior Technical Manager
    We worked in several projects with Mert Elver, a friend of our son and a beloved friend to our family. I am glad to say that he turned in those projects successfully and I am proud to provide a positive reference for him. I wish him the best in his endeavors...
  • Özlem Açıkel Turhan – Workcube A.Ş. / Vice President
    A proper translation in accordance with proper terminology was crucial for marketing of Workcube, Turkey’s leading ERP software, in overseas markets. In this sense, we worked with numerous people and agencies, however, the work delivered by Mert Bey was of extremely high quality. We thank him for his services including translations our software, help documents, press releases, websites, brochures and catalogs for the past 4 years.
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