Verbal Translation, Interpretation

Verbal translation requires concentration, knowledge, practice and experience since the translation is being made verbally and simultaneously from the source language to the target language. Istanbul Translation Agency helps you in carrying out your conferences without delay thanks to its experienced translators who have perfect dictions. Our experienced staff members will give you the best translation service for your symposiums, seminars, meetings, conferences, business meetings, foreign guest honoring, deputation visits, and visit to countries, international expositions, press conferences, TV shows and teleconferences. During these important events, Istanbul Translation Agency will stand out for its instantaneous and flawless translations.

Our expert translators will help you with the verbal translations of your meetings, interviews, conferences, seminars and foreign guest honoring.

The verbal translation services provided by Istanbul Translation Agency

The translation agencies providing verbal translation service will also provide services for simultaneous translations, foreign guest greetings, consecutive translations, commercial verbal translations. To get more information about our verbal translation service and its pricing, you can contact us.

Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous translation is a process during which the translator inside an insulated cabin would simultaneously translate what he/she hears through the earplugs and speaks the translations out loud into a microphone provided. On a typical work day of 6 hours, a simultaneous translator puts up a translation work equivalent to more than 60 pages of written translations. The translators working at conferences and meetings work for up to 6 hours. Simultaneous translation is needed mostly for international conferences. Translators cannot work by themselves if the conference is longer than one and a half hour; a second translator is always hired. Even so, two translators may not work more than 6 hours combined. If the total work duration is over 6 hours, teams of three translators are hired. The translators must take a lunch break of at least one hour.

Consecutive translation

In this type of translation, the translators sit among the audience and do not use any equipment. The speechmaker speaks for some time while the translator takes notes. When the speech is over, the translator briefly translates the speech to the audience.

Commercial verbal translation

This translation type includes translation during formal openings, commercial meetings, cocktails, commercial agreements, business meals, press meetings etc. Our certified and legal verbal translation service is provided by our certified experts through notaries, courts and civil registry offices for companies or individuals regarding their legal and commercial events.

Greeting and consort ship for Foreign Guests

This is a type of verbal translation service in which foreign employers/employees you invite for job interviews are greeted, transferred to their hotels, taken to business dinners and business trips.

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